We are excited to share a significant milestone in Oxford Drug Design’s journey towards revolutionising cancer treatment.

  • Dr. Paul Finn, CSO of Oxford Drug Design, said: “Our leading integrated expertise in generative AI and tRNA-synthetase drug discovery continues to produce breakthrough novel lead series efficiently and effectively, of which the progress in our oncology program is the latest example. Our rapidly advancing efforts are now focused on bringing this potentially superior first-in-class treatment into the clinic.”
  • The results of a 28-day mouse trial showed clear efficacy as well as dose response.
  • This is the Company’s second first-in-class therapeutic program achieving clear in vivo validation based on this discovery platform. Further, equally efficient expansions of this differentiated capability are already planned for additional disease areas with unmet needs.

Oxford, UK, 29 April 2024: Oxford Drug Design, the Oxford-based AI drug discovery company applying its pioneering AI platform to develop novel molecules for use in cancer treatments, has successfully completed the first in vivo validation in its potential first-in-class approach against multiple tumours.

The innovative approach is based on the novel target, leucyl-tRNA synthetase, belonging to the tRNA synthetase enzyme family on which Oxford Drug Design has developed deep leading expertise. The new data demonstrates the potential of the Company’s innovative proprietary molecules to modulate the function of tRNA synthetases as a novel approach to cancer.

The highly innovative small molecule lead compounds are part of the Company’s extensive portfolio of proprietary novel chemical scaffolds which have shown broad activity against the non-canonical functions of the enzyme class.

Oxford Drug Design’s rapid advances have been enabled by its distinctive dual-competence discovery platform, integrating its pioneering generative AI capabilities with tRNA synthetase expertise, including proprietary structural biology.

About Oxford Drug Design Ltd

Oxford Drug Design is a pre-clinical stage therapeutics company discovering innovative anti-cancer therapeutics supported by pioneering generative computational methods. At the cutting edge of machine learning and AI applied to pre-clinical drug discovery, Oxford Drug Design is also expanding to provide its proprietary computational capabilities to third parties to advance their internal therapeutic programs.